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Ibizabohogirl is about sharing my love with you for a bohemian lifestyle, wanderlust travel and hippie fashion. I love my followers and love being able to connect with them. It's my goal to inspire people through my passion, travel and personal style. I love working with other artists, designers, brands, and labels to create something beautiful together.

Let’s share our passions and make this life something more colourful!

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All of my styled photo shoots are thoughtfully curated with specific locations to fit the products and styles. I like to put just as much love into my shoots as you put into creating your beautiful products!

Welcome to my world

xoxo Yvon


IBIZA 2017  – April 15th – 18th 

Don't miss this chance to get your brand featured on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

It's a beautiful opportunity to create brand awareness, while having beautifully styled content created.

Spots are limited!

Please ask for special Ibiza Promo Package.


Ready to discover the U.S.A.

Join me on my adventures exploring the Boston area and surroundings! Starting from May 23th.

For European brands packages due May 19th! For American brands unlimited.

I look forward in connection with you!

Peace & love,