My favorites from the U.S.!

This blog is all about my favorite beauty items I bought in the U.S. on my last Boston trip. Nothing beats a cold day by wandering around in these huge beauty department stores and supermarkets. Each time I'm amazed by all the different brands they offer. Some brands are also sold in Europe, but most are completely new to me. I love to try out new things so easily spend hours snooping around at Wallgreen, CVS and Sephora of course.

Lucky for me a new Sephora store on Fanuil Market just opened up and I had all the time in the world to look around. To not completely destroy my creditcard I took most items from the Sephora brand collection itself.

Without further ado here is my list of beauty favorites I bought on my last U.S. trip;

favorite U.S. beauty items

  • Lipgloss maximizer by Buxom

    This full-on lip polish has a refreshing tingling plumping effect as well as a touch of vanilla flavor. It's gives your lips this amazing shine! Buxom lipgloss comes in many colors, but I opted for ‘Dolly'. Price at Sephora $20

favorite U.S. beauty items

  • Easy Smokey Eye by Sephora

    This very easy to use double ended smokey shadow stick if perfect if you want to create a quick smokey eye. First apply the eyeshadow crayon and than brush it into a sexy look. The smokey eye line comes in five different colors for the perfect price of $14.

favorite U.S. beauty items

  • Bronzer nr 2 by Sephora

    This is one of my favorite bronzing powders by far. It comes with a light shimmer without turning your face into a glowing mask. I use color 2, Bora Bora Clair light which blends perfect with my freggels and light skin.

favorite U.S. beauty items

  • Lush solid hair conditioner

    Lush is luckily available worldwide and one of my favorite green brands. As I ran out of conditioner I popped into their only store in Boston to try something new. I went for the solid conditioner called ‘Big‘. As it did bring a lot of shine to my hair it completley took away all my curls! I think this big one was a bit to heavy for my fine hair. One bar will cost you around $12 and will last you at least 20 washes.

favorite U.S. beauty items

  • Eyebrow builder by Sephora

    This another new one I tried from the Sephora collection. It's a waterproof gel brow builder. It not only gives your brows color but also extra texture. It comes in a easy to use mascara and for a very friendly price of only $14. I'm using the color 01 Honey blonde.

  • Secret PH Balanced antiperspirant

    Yes I know. Not so sexy, but for me an absolute must have. If you work out a lot or have to reapply your deodorant several times a day to stay fresh you have to try this one! I have probebly used every kind of antiperspirant out there, but this one is my holy grail! You can get them here in every drugstore for a few dollars only. My favorite scent is Powder Fresh and yes I filled up my suitcase again!

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite U.S. beauty items. As it looks like I'll be traveling to the States much more in the future I expect my list to grow longer and longer! Please drop a message and let me know what your favorites are!

xoxo Yvon

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