Food truck festival

One of the best ways to spend your Sunday! Visit one of the many food truck festivals and enjoy all the good food and drinks.

Last Sunday we went to The Rolling Kitchens in Leiden and had a fabulous time! It's such a pity the summer is coming to an end, cause I could spend every day here. Trying out the healthiest smoothies, the best of Indonesian street food and ‘Stroopwafels op een stokkie' It's like a cookie on a stick with caramel. A real Dutch treat!

With a DJ playing his best tracks and lazy lounge pillows to relax in you can easily spend hours here. Even if you are just gonna watch the beautiful people walk by.

The Rolling Kitchens is a food truck festival that tours around The Netherlands from May till the beginning of October.

More about Food Truck Festival Rrrollend dates click here.

What's your favorite Food Truck Festival? Do you know any other good ones in the Netherlands or in Europe? Drop me a note!

With love & light


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