Valentine's day is only 11 days away! What do you usually do to celebrate this day? Every day you have to cherish your love of course, but on Valentine's it's nice to make a little extra effort. Besides huge amounts of chocolate my love and I don't do gifts. We prefer to go out to a small restaurant and have a candle light dinner.Very old fashioned, but so romantic. Especially when you both travel a lot it's nice to have some quality time together.

It looks like this year we're gonna spend Valentine's in trendy London! This calls for a new outfit of course! Although red is not my color I do like to add some soft tones or pinks into my outfit for this special day. I've made a list of some very romantic Valentine's day outfit that would be perfect for a night out. All with a boho touch of course 😉 And even if you are not into Valentine's these looks will fast forward you to spring! Especially the orange mini dress is to die for!

Personally I'm yearning for spring and some more sunshine and Valentine's day always reminds me of the sunnier season to come. It just gives me so much energy now the days are finally getting longer. Booked another trip yesterday to beautiful Marrakech! I've been dreaming of going there for such a long time! I have about six weeks before I leave, but I'm already thinking about what to wear and the things I have to see. Without further ado here's my list of my favorite Valentine's day outfits! Enjoy!

Valentine's day outfits you will love!

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Hope you enjoyed today's blog! Let me know what your favorite outfit is!

With love,


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