About the Ben Youssef Madrasa

Marrakech has many top sites to visit, but the Ben Youssef is absolutely one of my favorites. Being over 500 years old this former Islamic school hasn't lost any of it's charme. It's pretty hard to imagine that once over 900 students would run through this narrow corridors and would also sleep here! The school has been in use till 1960 but has now turned into a beautiful museum.


Ben Youssef Marrakech



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The central courtyard is breathtaking with it's colorful decorated pillars and in-scripted walls. As it is not allowed in Islam to use images of persons you will not find any statues here as like in a mosque, but that doesn't give in to it's beauty.  The walls are full with mosaics and minuscule carved inscriptions. The pool in the middle just adds to all the harmony of the building.

Ben Youssef Marrakech


There are guides walking around to explain the history of the Ben Youssef, but you can also easily explore everything yourself. Just bring your camera! More info about the Madrasa click here.

Little note of awareness

Marrakech is a very popular city and filled with tourists. Especially in high season the streets can get very crowded and this unofficial guides wandering the streets seem to appear of nowhere. They usually tell you that the road to the Ben Youssef is closed and that you have to take a different route. Please don't buy into this! Just say MERCI and walked on. Tip: download the app CityMaps2Go is a great help in the city and will prevent you from getting lost.

Ben Youssef Marrakech

Have you been to the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech? Did you love it too or do you have another favourite in the city of Marrakech? Let me know what you think and drop a message below.

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