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About Emmaoclothing!

No boho closet is complete without a fair amount of crochet! Beautiful handmade dresses in different styles, colors, and patterns. Yes, Emmaoclothing has an eye for fashion! Ever since Kourtney Kardashian wore one of her dresses during her first pregnancy the brand has become world famous. The beautiful Swedish Emma, model, and owner started her company a little over a few years ago and already she has made a statement in the fashion industry. Next to here dresses there is also a bikini, one-piece and trouser line. And if you are planning a boho wedding you came to the right address. The wedding dresses from Emma are so amazing. Even if you not gonna get married you gonna want one.

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My personal favorite is the Loose Sleeve dress with the trumpet sleeves. That's the one Gypsylovinlight is wearing in the first pictures. And you know what the best thing is about this crochet line? It's so super affordable. Where most brands ask ridiculous prices for their crochet, the most expensive dress from Emmaoclothing is only a little over 100 euro.

The dresses are made in Zimbabwe and with each purchase you support the local kids and families there. Respect!

To see the entire collection of Emmaoclothing click here. Worldwide shipping!

Go hippie, go crochet!



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pictures used in this blog are from Gypsylovinlight & Readygypsetgo