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Last but certainly not least is our stay in The Samata before I head back to chilly Amsterdam again! We had so many magical moment and made everlasting memories it's a bit sad the last few days are already here.

The weather in Bali is certainly treating us right these two weeks with nice warm dry weather during the day and nice cool tropical showers in the evening and night. And when I say showers I really mean soaking wet showers (I learned the hard way it always makes sense to bring an umbrella 😉

The Samata is one of the newest hotels in the lifestyle retreat chain located in the east of Bali in Sanur. Arriving in Sanur I wasn't sure what to expect but then the gates to our resort opened it turned out to be this beautiful haven in the middle of the rice fields.

The Samata The Samata

The views here are so beautiful. Right behind the three pools the rice fields begin and I am not sure if I am in Ubud (which is famous for its rice field panorama views) or in Sanur. We have our own little dream house here and the atmosphere there is very relaxing, since it is away from the busy touristy spots such as Kuta. Although the beach is really close I actually spent most of the time overlooking the rice fields, soaking up the sun and reading the books I brought in the quiet, peaceful surroundings.

The design of this resort is pure which blends in perfect with its green agricultural surroundings. Their healthy cuisine with an abundance choice of natural and vegan selection is outstanding and here as well the service of the staff is out of this world!

If you feel the need to do something different: well, there is the fully equipped gym (including boxing ring to get rid of the last bit of stress 😉 and lovely spa to have your daily massage for deep relaxation moments followed by a session in the spacious yoga studio.

The Samata

A very memorable part of our stay The Samata was definitely the Sunrise Walk Tour which we did one morning. Although getting up at 5 o’clock was far from easy (help), walking through the local village a temple towards the ocean to watch the sunrise is absolutely magical! It was such a precious moment and special. As a bonus we walked back to The Samata through the rice fields which was again a really nice way to experience amazing Bali.


A special thanks to the fun and amazing moments I had with the Bali camera team that followed me during this magical Bali adventure. The entire shoot was styled with so much love and dedication. A true reflection of Bali. Working with them felt like there is no time pressure, just warm hearted people and the power of love and respect. A big thank you to Lifestyleretreats who helped organizing our journey on Bali from beginning to end.

Location: The Samata,  Sanur

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