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About the look

I finally had a day to bring you the blog post with the campaign we shot for Bisjoux Rose. I just love these pics showing you a different kind of jewelry. Normally you see me wearing big chunky jewelry, but wearing a bit more modern bohemian look was so nice for a change.

Coming from a freezing cold Boston it's feels so good to be able to do this shoot outside again. These pics were taken at golden hour just before the sun sets. The harsh light turns into this soft sweet glow and just makes to best pictures! I wish this light would last forever, cause it would make my photo life so much easier!

Bisjoux Rose sent some amazing jewelry to shoot this campagne. They have a curated collection of unique and a bit more modern boho style jewelry. All their pieces are handpicked and come from different talented designers blending into one beautiful collection. I love featuring these amazing boho chic rings and bracelets. But then again I never get bored of showing you new brands of course. My personal favorite from Bisjoux Rose is the Open Hamsa Bracelet, which I have been wearing non stop since the shoot 🙂  Don't forget to get your 15% discount on your first order for Bisjoux Rose! Use special discount codeIBIZABOHOGIRL15‘ to get your hand on these beauties. See for all the outfit and jewelry details below

While writing this blog I have my passport next to me ready to leave for Marrakech in a few days and my crazy love on the other side of my Mac telling me we are moving to Boston for a few months. I feel so grateful and blessed being able to just pick up my stuff and go. Deciding to be a full time blogger has been a scary decision leaving behind all my securities, but it has been the best decision I ever made. Couldn't be happier! Stay tuned for more adventures on the blog!

This is your life! Do what you love and do it often!

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Jewelry by Bisjoux RoseOpen Hamsa Bracelet | Plume Feather Silver Bangle | Point Ring | Silver Blue Topaz Ring

Outfit: FreePeople crochet dress (old collection) | Doenya bag

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