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About Disfunkshion Magazine

Every boho girl needs a bit of inspiration from time to time. For me the ultimate style guide is Disfunkshionmag! I discovered their beautiful colored pics on Instagram and just couldn't stop watching. Their eye for detail combining a never endless amount of jewelry is a true boho dream. But Dsfmag is not just about fashion. They are not afraid to discuss social issues like the Selfie culture (oops…quilty) and show another view on beauty. Their wanderlust stories make me realize I have not seen much of the world yet and gives me loads of inspiration for new travel. The best bloggers to know is the first thing I read followed by all organic must have beauty goodies.

disfunkshion mag

Dsfmag doesn't work with the big brands, but rather with the more ethnic aware smaller brands and I can only admire them for that!

I just can't wait till the next issue appears and please Dsfmag….could you make it a monthly mag???
Recently they added a SHOP THE LOOK to their website. Here you find all the nice stuff you find in their magazine. From bold accessories, embroidered handbags, vibrant clothes, the prettiest jewelry and much more!

disfunkshion mag

The paper magazine is not available in Europe unfortunately. Luckily I have a dear friend living in Texas who sends me a copy every few months. If you are not from the States you can also get Dsfmag as a digital issue! For more info click here.

Be bold, be boho!



This is not a sponsored blog! I honestly adore Dsfmag!


all pics by Disfunkshionmag