Get into the spirit with FreePeople

Oh Yes! Temperatures are on the rise and I can feel the energy flowing! It's not that I dislike winter, but the short dark days are definitely not my favorite. For today's look I'm finally able to show you my latest items from FreePeople without freezing my fingers off!

The diamond embroidered top and the leather bag are from my latest trip to Boston. They have a beautiful FreePeople shop there in the Prudential shopping centre downtown. On the trip before I just couldn't find anything to my liking, but this time…oh la la… The new spring collection just arrived and there were just so many new boho stuff clothes I just needed to have! Sound familiar? I did manage to control myself and ended up with 3 items. Which I think is very modest for a boho girl on the loose!

The embroidered top comes in more colors, but I liked this one the best. And what about the bag? Isn't it amazing! It has a real vintage look to it and the details are so lovely. And the good thing is it  is also a perfect cabin baggage bag for my flights! You are gonna see much more of this bag in future!

What do you think of this boho look? Are you ready for some more sunshine?

Life is too short to be boring! Be bold!