Hippie revival!

Had so much fun today driving around this old blue hippie bus to do this shoot. This is real old school driving! With a maximum speed of 50km and no airco this hippie bus takes you straight back to the 70's! Wouldn't it be great to spend your holidays in a bus like this? There is a little cosy bed in the back and a smaller than smal kitchen. I can already see me and my love driving on Ibiza discovering hidden beaches and new restaurants.

For today's look I combined an embroidered tunic by Zara with a little fringe suede bag from Spell Designs (old collection). To finish of this bohemian look a pair of good old Sendra boots! Be inspired, be hippie!



hippie bus hippie bus hippie bus hippie bus hippie bus hippie bus hippie bus

Location: Fort Heemstede, Houten, The Netherlands

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[shopitem image="http://static.zara.net/photos///2016/I/0/1/p/7521/379/052/2/w/400/7521379052_2_5_1.jpg?ts=1467899253296" link="http://www.zara.com/nl/nl/dames/blouses/alles-bekijken/geborduurde-tuniek-c733890p3647479.html" text="Embroidered tunic"] [shopitem image="http://sendra.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/13395-debora-sabia-taupe-104-2-web-460x617.jpg" link="http://sendra.com/coleccion/sendra-013395-debora/" text="Boots"]