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About Karma of Charme

Wandering through the old city of Ibiza Town nothing brings me more joy than finding new shops and boutiques to get inspired by. Finding the shop of Karma of Charme made me very happy! This unique bohemian Italian brand is just being discovered by the happy few and now they have a new store in the old city center. With its handmade Native American style boho boots, bags and accessories Karma of Charme has created it's own unique bohemian brand that is taking over the island and the world!

Karma of  Charme started as a small family brand and has grown into a world famous boho brand. How did they get their unique boho look? The first Karma boots were based on tradition moccasin boots worn by the Native Americans. During the sixties, the moccasin boot was first seen on the hippie island of Ibiza and that is where and when the Bohemian style was born. Young, free spirits from across the world came to Ibiza to spend their holidays and live the free life. The Bohemian style spread rapidly through the rest of the European continent. Still today, the bohemian style is being loved by many people across the whole world.

The soft leather of the boots, the little fringe details, and the beautiful colors make it hard to choose! My personal favorite style is the Santa Cruz moccasin boot with the little fringes. If you like a taller model the Iberia Belt is perfect for you or try the Iberia Frange. Also a taller model with fringe, but a little less decorated than the Santa Cruz model. No matter what model is your favorite I'll guarantee you it feels like you are walking on clouds!

Once in the store don't forget also have a look at the bag collection! Equally beautiful as the boots, these bags come in the softest leathers with little feathers, chains, and studs. Yes, you are gonna want them all!

Be unique, be different, be Boho

So when on the island of Ibiza just drop by this gorgeous store! And let me know what you think!

With love & light,


Location: Old Town Ibiza, Carrer Manuel Sorà 18

You can also shop the collection online! Click here for more.