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Hey hey and happy after Xmas! Hope you survived the holidays! I had such an amazing time! Had the family over on First Xmas day, went to the movies with friends the day after (Star Wars –  boyfriend's choice) and actually managed to have a very relaxed Xmas! For the last few days of the year, I'm gonna take some little time off and give myself some well earned doing nothing time.


This shot was actually done just before Xmas in my own boho room. The weather outside is just so gray and rainy I didn't even want to bother to go outside. And it's nice to see for you to see where I spend most of my time right 🙂 The whole look is based on my favorite winter kilim boots The Lammy. If you have been following me on Instagram you have probably seen me wearing them gazillion times. The Kilim print gives them that unique boho vibe and with the lammy lining, they are just super comfortable to wear too!

Have you tried to mix some kilim in your fashion? Ever since I went to Morocco last year I've been obsessed with kilim. On the Marrakech markets, you find endless rows of these kilim carpets, colorful pillows, and the boots of course. All handmade to perfection. I'm so happy to have finally found a brand that also stocks these beauties from Europe.

Thank you so much for your love and support during the last year. Ibizabohogirl has brought me so many adventures and new friends from all over the world I just feel very blessed. So thank you again for joining me on this crazy ride 🙂

Sending you love and a lot of boho vibes! See you next year xx Yvon

The Kindreds – Lammy boots / Poncho /Knitted Socks / Roll top backpack / Kilim pillows


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