What about the Menjangan

I am so excited! Today we are going to the north west side of Bali. I've heard so many good things about this side of the island so I just can't wait to experience it for myself.
Our next destination, The Menjangan, lies in the National park called Bali Barat National Park which is about a 4 to 5 hour ride from Seminya depending on the road you take.

The distance may only be a little over a 100 km but the traffic on Bali will slow you down for sure since there are only one lane roads shared by cars, merchants and bikes.

Menjangan Menjangan

Just take your time and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. You will pass amazing rice fields, breathtaking valleys and the Buyan lake with stunning panoramic views along the way so make sure you have your camera ready to take some great pics …and selfies 😉

Arriving at the park I get the sense of being in the real Bali for the first time. This is privacy provided by Mother Nature herself.
The jungle so close to your lodge, birds singing everywhere, monkeys crossing paths and deer just walking by in the shallows of the ocean right in front of you pretending you are not even there.

Animals and humans live here in perfect harmony.

Where in some countries monkeys are sometimes aggressive here in the National Park they live high up in the trees ready for you to watch them (or the other way around 😉

Menjangan menblog3-2-min Menjangan Menjangan


The resorts lies in perfect isolation in the middle of the Bali Barat National Park, has only 27 lovely cottages (20 in the jungle and 7 on the beach) and holds two beaches, two restaurants, a diving school, a spa and a horse riding center.
I think this place is the ultimate hideaway on the island of Bali. It feels like getting back to the basics in this unspoiled part of the north west coast of the island and the only sound you will hear here is the sound of nature.

Getting back to basics doesn’t mean basic accommodations and service. If you need to get to the restaurant, beach or diving center the resort has safari cars driving you to any location and are available for any time of the day. It was so much fun sitting on the top of these cars.

Not only because the wind will cool you down a little (This part of the island is known for its high temperatures) but also because you get a real feeling of being in the jungle and spotting wildlife while you are driven to your glass of wine 😉



The Menjangan organizes a lot of activities. From trekking and biking to horse riding and snorkeling.  Snorkeling and diving are very popular at this side of the island as it holds one of the best corals of Bali. The Menjangan has a boat leaving every morning to the island of Menjangan at 9 am from the jetty for a lovely day of guided snorkeling.  If a full day is too much for you, you can also snorkel right next to the jetty watching some tropical fish and coral.

Menjangan Menjangan

If you are more into diving you came to the right place. You will find a small inhabited island just a small boat trip away with a spectacular coral reef just for you!
If you are not into doing any activities don't worry. The resorts has two small beaches and a spa where you can relax with a great restaurant right next to it with a lovely ocean view.

You probably have seen some sunsets in your life but watching the sunset over the jungle and Laguna from the resort’s Bali Tower is simply breathtaking. Just climb up all the way to the fifth floor and enjoy the view. The tower will let you see over the entire park, lagoon and the island. Seeing all this beauty it makes you realize how small you actually are in this beautiful jungle.

If you like to escape the crowd this is the place for you

Location:  The Menjangan

The Menjangan is part of the LifeStyleRetreats group. More info here.

xx Yvon