Hi Lovelies! As you are reading this I'm already wandering around the colorful streets of Marrakech. It's my second time in this vibrant city and I just can't wait to share all my pictures with you. To start spreading some of those fabulous Marrakech vibes I wanted to share some Moroccan inspired accessories with you. That one perfect dress for a hot day in the city.  Some must have home decor accessories you find on every street in Marrakech and lots of pillows of course.

Because YES Marrakech is one big city of inspiration, eclectic colors and more than delicious food. I will be dedicating this whole month of March to this beautiful city so stay tuned for more!

Morrocan inspired accessories you will love

Open grid stool | Gucci Aviator sunglasses| Marrakech pillow

Kilim pillow | Moroccan leather pouf | City Lights tunic dressCody hat

Triple lantern set | Large Moroccan handpainted vase | Moroccan hanging candle lantern

Kilim rug | Moroccan antique tea set | Cerezo wedges

With love & light,


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