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Hey loves! Hope you are having a great day! Are you ready for the holidays? We're back in Amsterdam and already missing the sunny beaches of Thailand. We had so much fun, the great food, crispy white beaches and the friendly people.  Two weeks of absolute bliss.

Just can't believe the end of the year is already here. With the holidays waiting for us I wanted to show you some awesome vintage Native American Jewelry to hold on to that summer feeling. As you know I just love turquoise stones and a bit out of the ordinary rings and bracelets. The bigger the better!

For this blog, I choose all the jewelry from Eco Design Project. I got to know this brand when I was living in Boston and I have been in love ever since. Most pieces are just one of kind just the way I like it. Don't you just love this vintage Native American jewelry too?

Now time to hit the road again! Have a wonderful day!

xx Yvon


All the jewelry from this blog comes from the fab Eco Design Project. For more inspiration check out their Instagram or Etsy Store.