new collection Spell Designs LotusLotus is here!

Yes! Like every boho girl my heart makes a jump for joy each time a new collection from Spell Designs is out! With their latest Lotus collection, you're gonna need a bigger wardrobe for sure!

The whole Spell team journeyed to an ancient mansion just outside Paris to shoot this collection. They couldn't have picked a better place to represent the spirit and soul of this vibrant collection.

The new line comes in warm colors, lots of flowers and in the best fabrics as you may expect from the Spell team.

Lotus was inspired by the trade routes of old ~ centuries ago merchants who traveled across the lands brought spices and luxurious fabrics from the East

new collection Spell Designs Lotus

How to get your hands on these beauties?

The first drop of Lotus contains the Etienne and the Anastasia giving you some elegant maxi dresses and some irresistible romantic white lace.

The second drop which will be later in June contains the beauties from the Kamala and Stay Wild Moonchild collection. Both lines are very very hard to resist. My personal favorite is the dreamy Etienne maxi skirt in orange. Oh, how I love this dress (see picture above).

If you are fortunate enough to be in the neighborhood drop by the flagship store in Byron Bay Australia! For us, less fortunate boho girl just shop the Lotus collection online.

Spell Designs Australia Shop| Spell Designs USA shop

For more online shopping click here or find your favorite store nearby. Don't forget that shipping internationally may come with an extra customs charge so make sure you find the nearest online store for you!

Let me know your thoughts on this beautiful collection! Which item is your favorite? Drop me note 🙂

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