What about Non Toxic nail polish?

I don't need to tell you that most nail polishes contain a lot of nasty chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Being a nailpolish addict since I can remember this is of a great worry to me. I am very careful with my nails and I change my color more than once a week, but what am I putting on them? If you visit a nail salon often you are very familiar with the toxic smell that hangs around and that sure can't be of any good. Most polishes hold a combination of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibityl Phthanlate or DBP for short (this last one is luckely already banned from the European market), and an assorted range of other chemicals.

Are there better options?

Luckily more and more brands are popping up who are just as concerned as you as they are about the environment. Making beautiful polishes without all the nasties! Here is a list of my favorite brands you should try!

non toxic nail polish

  • Zoya

    Zoya is probably one of the more known non toxic brands. They were one of the first to start with a long lasting toxic free nail polish. With new colors coming out every season you should find your perfect color easily. My favorites come from the Whispers collection with more nude colors. Zoya is only available through salons ans spas.

    non toxic nail polish

  • Suncoat

    Suncoat is a brand that started out original for kids. But since the brand entered the market in 2002 it has developed into a complete non toxic beauty brand! Their polishes are water-based and odorless. Besides the nail polish they also offer make up and hair products. All non toxic of course.

    non toxic nail polish

  • Sienna Byron Bay

    This eco-friendly Australian brand is one of my favorites. They have created an outstanding range of colors being completely vegan and toxic free. They also carry a soy based nail polish remover! Even the ink on their bottles is soy based. Check out color ‘Cotton Candy' from their 2017 collection! So nice!

    non toxic nail polish

  • Piggy Paint

    Piggy paint is a natural, toxic free nail polish also original designed for kids. The paint dries to a hard durable finish and is easily removed with a low odor Piggy Paint remover. If you find the colors too bright you can also turn to big sister Sophi from the same makers.

    non toxic nail polish

  • Sambora beach toes

    This Australian vegan brand is a special beach nail polish brand. 7 toxic free, no animal testing and very important no fading! Perfect for a sunny holiday! My personal favorite is the turquoise ‘Beach Goddess' which you have me seen wearing a zillion times!

    toxic free nail polish

  • Julisa 5-free nail polish

    Julisa is a peta certified vegan and cruelty free nail polish brand. They are a 100% cruelty-free and no animal testing. Their line is made locally on the Gold Coast Australia to minimise carbon footprint. Their collection excists of 26 vibrant color and also holds a water based non acetone odourless remover. Julisa is from Australia and they ship worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this blog about non toxic nail polish. Please drop a message if you know more non toxic brands I should give a try!

xoxo Yvon