About the Nordic lights!

Ever since seeing the documentary of Joanna Lumley about the Nordic lights I just knew I had to see it! With my boyfriends birthday coming up it was the perfect excuse to go to Norway and have some adventure. With a 2 hour flight from Oslo we arrived in a very, very rainy Tromsø. So far not good.

To eat

As we were only staying here for one night having clear skies is a must! Tromsø is one of the biggest cities in the Arctic circle but has relatively soft winters. This explains the rainy weather. As the search for the Nordic lights or Aurora Borealis promised to be long one we headed to Ra Sushi in the middle of town to have some of the best sushi we had in a long time! All filled up and ready to go!


From our hotel we were picked up by Chasinglights. They are one of the best of Tromsø, but in most hotels they offer organized tours as well. Keep in mind you sometimes have to travel for up to 3 hours outside Tromsø to find clear skies so don't budget on transportation and be stuck in a small van with too many light seekers. Our trip brought us all the way to Finland, but we were so lucky.

From the moment we left the van the whole sky lit up and this perfect green light started dancing around us

It's hard to explain and describe what happens. It feels a little spooky but so incredible at the same time. It just takes your breath away.

Make sure to bring a good camera with adjustable exposure time and of course dress warm! They have these polar suits on the bus and yes you are gonna need them. As the temperatures in Finland can drop with 15 degrees with ease dressing up for the cold is a must. Remember that you stand still for most of the time just watching the skies. At our last stop at the lake the Chasinglights crew made a fire to sit around and some hot choco.

The stillness of the arctic and intense blackness of the sky mixed with these dancing lights is a total mindblower

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xoxo Yvon

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