About Oslo

Just came back of our amazing trip to see the Nordic lights. What a mind-blowing  experience it was! Here are the first pics of our stop in the beautiful city of Oslo. Although the temperatures were just above freezing the skies were bright blue and the sun made it almost feel like Spring. I was my first visit to this nordic city and I fell in love immediately. With less than 24 hours to spend we made the most of the beautiful weather and headed for the harbor to see the Opera house.

On our way made a quick stop at the Indiska store. This Scandinavian brand sells Indian style clothes and accessoires with a bohemian style. I bought some beautiful turquoise rings and a fringe bag which I adore. Unfortunately these stores can only be found in Scandinavia so when ever I get the change to visit one I go a little insane. Time to start walking again. Once you get to the Opera House walk all the way up and enjoy the grand view over the harbor. With 3 more flights to do in 3 days it's nice to sit down and relax for a while and just watch the beautiful people walk by.

Stay tuned for more on our Oslo adventures and the search for the Nordic lights!

Be inspired xxx
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