Tibet store Boston

I've been shopping again! This time with a little Tibet in my mind. Each time I visit a different city I try to find a nice Nepalese and Tibetan jewelry shop because you can never have too many rings right? I was over the moon when I found this cute Tibet store in Boston. It's called Tibetsjinten and it's located right in front of the Harvard University close to the square.
Tibet store in Boston
This funky store sells everything from clothes, leather bags, singing bowls and loads of jewelry. All in vibrant colors and just too much to choose from.

What I like most about the store is that the owner is born in Nepal himself and is a firm believer in practicing fair trade to buy straight from the makers. This way the economy can continue to thrive and the quality of items will have integrity. The garments in his shop are made eco-friendly. I have deep respect for stores which try to make a difference. Please, please stay away from all the fake stuff out there and go authentic.

Tibet store in Boston

As I'm going through my turquoise phase I went for 2 big Nepalese rings with the most beautiful stones ever. I also some very small leather bags I really love but I think my boyfriend will kill me if I bring home more bags! Don't forget to have a look at the silver and turquoise bracelets. They are so beautiful.

Tibet store in Boston

Before I left the store the owner offered me a singing bowl therapy session. I have to admit I was a bit skeptic about it but decided to just give it a try. Sitting in the middle of the store on a small chair I closed my eyes as the sound of the bowl filled my head. At first, it's a bit scary as the tone is so intense in your head you're not sure to like or hate it. But as you breathe into the sound and relax it's actually quite comforting. It's just you and the sound, with no space for thoughts, which makes you super zen!

tibet store in Boston

The therapy ended with a back massage also with the singing bowl. The vibrations of the bowl relax your whole spinal cord without somebody touching you. And that in only 10 minutes. So if you have time ask the owner for a singing bowl massage. You won't regret it! For more information on Tibetsjinten click here.

Have you ever been to this Tibet store in Boston? If you like big rings and authentic colorful bags like I do you will definitely feel at home here.

Happy shopping



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