Unicorn Tears are here!

To all boho girls out there! Stay tuned! Spell Designs is relaunching some of there best selling items called The Unicorn Tears! These items often sold out in hours and will be back again, but only on very specific selling dates.

The re-made is only made in uber small quantities and they have set some very strict shopping rules to make it as fair as possible to for everybody to get their hands on one of the Unicorn Tears collection.

unicorn tears unicorn tears

The Unicorn Tears rules

On launch day each customer will only be permitted to purchase ONE of each style. This will be strictly enforced, and any orders that order more than one unit per style will have their order cancelled and refunded. Please note these rules are in response to feedback and requests that we have received from customers regarding launch day etiquette.

Which dates will the relaunch go live?

Tuesday, 7th March at 10am (AEDT)

Hotel Paradiso styles:

Hotel Paradiso Gown Jet
Hotel Paradiso Gown Bluebird
Hotel Paradiso Strappy Maxi Bluebird
Hotel Paradiso Strappy Maxi Jet
Coco Cami

update! This collection sold out in 5 minutes!

Tuesday, 14th March at 10am (AEDT)

Xanadu & Peasant Girl Styles

Xanadu Boho Maxi
Xanadu Blouse
Xanadu Duster
Xanadu Playdress
Peasant Girl Blouse
Peasant Girl Throw-On Mini

unicorn tears

I just can't wait to get my hands on some of these items! As the launch will be on Australian time I have to set my alarm clock at midnight, but it's so worth it! I've already marked the dates in my calendar!

Which ones are on your wishlist? I'm curious to know what style your prefer from Spell Designs so drop me a message below!

More info on the Spell Designs launch check the Unicorn Tears blog here.

Have fun shopping!

xoxo Yvon