Behind the brand

Rossio Roos is one of the first Instagram accounts I started to follow since the beginning of  Ibizabohogirl. YES, I’m absolutely obsessed with EVERY single piece from her collection! If you like vintage bohemian jewelry just as I do you may also have her pictures on Pinterest and in Disfunkshionmag. Colorful, eclectic, bold and vintage are the best words to describe the amazing collection of Rossio Roos.

Every piece she designs and sells is a one of a kind. A unique treasure that has been designed, handmade and/or handpicked with love! So you don't need to be afraid to see everybody with your ring or necklace. A vintage bohemian jewelry brand for you to love and discover!

About Rossio Roos

Rossio Roos is a brand that takes you on a free-spirited journey around the world. With her chunky vintage style full of color and history. The beautiful owner Jennifer Roos has dedicated her passion to finding and designing beautiful, unique and eclectic global treasures. Rossio Roos gives you a collection of jewelry, bags and other accessories, made for the eclectic free-spirited bohemian.

Pieces that will definitely separate you from the mainstream. And yes, that's exactly what we want! You will be are inspired by all the color, textiles, cultures from around the world and unique craftsmanship.

Where does Rossio Roos find these beautiful pieces?

Most of the vintage pieces come from while traveling & roaming dusty markets. And the pieces she designs are definitely inspired by foreign journey & experiences while traveling. Jennifer has a special interest in the Baha’i Faith; and the cultures of South East Asia, India, South America, and Africa. You can find all these styles coming back in her designs.

What does the Rossio Roos collection have to offer?

From big Nepalese vintage necklaces, colorful Hmong handbags, Afghani metal coin bracelets, OOAK banjara clutches, big chunky tribal rings and much much more. Let me warn you in advance… It's hard not to want everything from the store!

Where can you shop this eclectic bohemian jewelry?

Good for us boho girls Rossio Roos is available online! You can shop her beauties via her Etsy website and through Bohemian Diesel. Please note that both the Etsy store and Bohemian Diesel are located in the U.S. If you are ordering from outside the States you may have to pay extra customs duties!

Positive thoughts create a positive reality

Who is the collection made for?

For those girls who are not afraid to stand out. Girls who are fearless, strong, confident, and not afraid to make a statement. Life is too short to be boring right 🙂

What do you think about this eclectic bohemian brand? Have you heard of Rossio Roos before?  For all the boho girls out there! You should definitely own a piece of Rossio Roos!



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