Hi. I am Yvon

A little bit about me.

Hey lovelies! Hello and welcome to the world of Ibizabohogirl! My name is Yvon, a free-spirited boho girl born and raised in the Netherlands. I am a dreamer, fashion enthusiast, travel lover, positive thinker and creative soul.

So happy to have you here to join me on my adventures. Apart from fashion, traveling is a huge passion of mine. Working for an airline has made it possible for me to visit every continent in the world and I got to visit some of the most amazing places. From Boston to Capetown over Sydney to Ibiza. My passport is filled with stamps and I hope to keep on collecting many more!

Traveling always inspires me and gives me a new perspective on life. A life I share with the greatest guy in the world and my favorite travel buddy and soulmate.

As a blogger, it's been both a privilege and joy to be able to share my bohemian style and beliefs with you for the last 3 years.

Always remember to dream big, achieve your dreams, but most importantly to believe in yourself. Life is all about the people we meet and the memories we make.

I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and viewing what inspires me and what I love to do most.

XO, Yvon

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