What or Who is Ibizabohogirl (IBG)?

Ibizabohogirl is an inspirational blog for the bohemian soul. We love to look for the best brands, shops and places to be so we can share it with you and inspire!


Where is IBG from?

Ibizabohogirl is created by Yvon. A Dutch girl born and raised in Amsterdam, but with an endless urge to travel the world!


Is IBG a store?

No, we promote different brands on our blog and on our social media channels. Please check on the following page  SHOP MY FAVOURITES for more shop links.


Does IBG do collaborations?

Yes we do like to collaborate with other bohemian brands, but as you can imagine we are highly selective by making sure the brands fit our follower base.  Please contact our marketing and collaboration department at arjo@ibizabohogirl.com for more information. Ibizabohogirl does not do free promotions or barter agreements, sorry 😉


Does IBG allow guest blogging?

Sorry, but Ibizabohogirl does not allow guest blogging. All blogs are written and created by the IBG-team. Only that way we are sure we can offer the highest and consistent content quality.


How does IBG find all these bohemian brands?

We are constantly scanning the market for the best and latest brands out there we are always roaming the web for updates. Travelling most of the time also gives us the opportunity to find cute stores and new brands. And yes, a lot of brands reach out to us as well for promotion. If you have a great tip for us to check out please reach out to arjo@ibizabohogirl.com


How many pieces of clothing, boots and jewelry has IBG got at home?

We are afraid to even start counting, but it's a lot. We have two floors fully dedicated to the bohemian style, shoes and jewellery. To make room for more clothes we often organise giveaways to friends or charity.


What is IBG’s favorite brand?

There are so many great brands out there is hard to choose. Spell Designs is absolutely one of our favourites and BlueCo has a very nice collection of Ibiza style clothes. Shopping on Las Dalias Hippie Market Ibiza is also a great source of inspiration.


Who takes all the pictures?

Most fashion pictures are made by our trusted Image Makers from Avolux, The decor photography is done by Yvon herself or one of the assistants.



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