Looking for a Trendy Boutique Hotel in Copenhagen? Try the …

Hey loves! Hope you’re having a great week, soon it’s weekend! I just got back from a fab and very cold Scandinavian city trip and…

A Summer Festival that can’t be Missed! The Levitate …

About the Levitate music festival Last weekend I had my first music festival in the U.S. and I can’t wait to tell you all about…

Get inspired and fall in love with Sluiz Ibiza Home …

About Sluiz Ibiza In 2006 a crazy Dutch couple decided to start a tiny, intimate shop on the road to Sant Josep Ibiza called Sluiz…

Looking for the Ibiza vibes! Las Dalias Hippy Market

About Las Dalias Hippy Market There is just no way you can visit Ibiza without paying a visit to the hippy market of Las Dalias.…

Ibizabohogirl on Bali! The Movie!

About the Movie! As promised the Bali movie we made last November. I am so happy to finally show it to you! We had such…

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