Getting Ready For Autumn The Bohemian way

bohemian autumn style
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bohemian autumn style


I'm so excited for the fall! It's finally (ALMOST) here! Since the temperatures are going down and the days are getting shorter it gives me a real inspiration boost. New colors, new fabrics, and new styles to try.

The perfect bohemian Autumn style

I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful maxi dress by Salty Crush. The colors are just perfect for fall don't you think? To give it an extra bohemian look I mixed it with some cowboy boots, but if you like a more comfortable style you can also add some white sneakers of course.

bohemian autumn style


I get a lot of questions about how to look bohemian in the colder winter months, but to be honest I don't change my style very much. I just add more layers and opt for some warmer colors. That's why I love maxi dresses so much. They are easy to style and create your own look!

bohemian autumn style


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Thank you Salty Crush for teaming up with me for this blog! It has been a huge inspiration.

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