Let’s Go Road Tripping – The Coolest Hippie Van Festival Ever!

ibizabohogirl at a festival hippie van festival

ibizabohogirl at a festival ibizabohogirl at a festival

12 years ago the first hippie van festival was held in Gorichem at the river. So many years have passed by since then and now it has become one of the most popular hippie festivals in the Netherlands. Unlike other summer festivals, this festival has managed to keep a low profile, you can still visit it for free (until 19.00h) and most visitors are families and yes, a lot of hippies.

hippie van festival

About those hippie vans

The main attraction is still the hundreds of old hippie vans that gather together around the festival fields. VW-busses in every color, old busses with flowers painted on them and even some vintage French fire assistant trucks from the 70s. If you love that 70s vibe, you will absolutely love this. For most of the hippie bus owners, this is a very nice weekend as then can meet up with their fellow VW-bus owners and share experiences.

hippie van festival

Feel free to wander around and ask if you can see the interior of the vans. Most owners are very proud of their hippie van and are more than willing to show and explain everything. And don't forget to take pictures!

When is the festival held?

The hippie festival of Gorichem is held every year on the first weekend of July. On Fridays, most vans are still coming in so the best days are Saturday and Sunday if you like to see them all. The entrance is free until 1900h. For the evening program on Friday and Saturday, the fee is 7.50 euros.

hippie van interior

Things to do

Besides all the beautiful van from the 70s, there are also numerous little shops you can visit. A lot of vintage and hippie clothing. If you have time drop by Rosa as she has an amazing mix of vintage bags you will love.  You can get your back massaged, get a henna tattoo or have your aura checked. Countless food trucks are spread over the festival grounds so you don't need to go hungry. The music starts at 1 in the afternoon. Check for the entire list of the artists here.


As mentioned before the vibe of this hippie van festival is very relaxed. I can't remember when was the last time I entered a festival without being strip-searched. So just bring your own chair or blanket, sit down on the grass, listen to the music and just chill.

Are you crazy about these hippie vans too? I've always dreamed about taking a road trip to one of these beauties! Maybe one day 🙂


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