A Summer Festival that can’t be Missed! The Levitate Music Festival!

About the Levitate music festival

Last weekend I had my first music festival in the U.S. and I can't wait to tell you all about it. It was the Music Festival Levitate being held in Marshfield Massachusetts. As Marshfield is only a 45-minute drive from Boston it was a perfect Sunday getaway from the city. The Festival was actually held for 2 days but the tickets for both days sold out so quickly I could only get my hands on tickets for Sunday.

music festival Levitate

As soon as we arrived at the Fairfield ground you could feel the good vibes. Like you're at the backyard party of your neighbors only better. People were standing in line at the security gates with their kids and beach chairs, the bluest skies ever and some good music waiting ahead.

music festival Levitate


About the delicious food

With numerous food trucks to choose from, a hungry stomach, free water, and shade tents to hide from the blistering sun things just couldn't go wrong anymore. As the Festival emphasizes on the environment a lot of food trucks were filled up with healthy food. A very nice change if you don't want to end up with burgers and fries all the time. Are you fond of oysters? Eat your heart out! Yes, there even was an oyster tent where you can get them fresh from the ocean. I am not much of a beer drinker but to keep as much plastic out as possible you could get your own steel cup which would save you a dollar on each refill.

music festival Levitate

More festival vibes you will love!

Festival Sparkles by Spell

A day at the hippie market

music festival Marshfield

Speaking about the environment… All trash was sorted and composted. I just love these green initiatives especially on a festival which usually leaves a huge amount of trash.


About the music

With 3 stages spread over the fairground, there was always something going on. From the small Soul Stage, you could enjoy the folky band Six Fox Whiskey, the Style Stage with JJ Grey and Mofro and the main Stoke stage where Ziggi Marley had the honor of closing down the show. The good thing about the 3 stage concept is that it keeps the people moving around instead of being stuck in front of the main stage all the time.

music festival Levitate


About the arts and shopping

Maybe my favorite part of the fair. The bohemian hippies' trucks filled with natural patchouli perfumes, hair braiding corners, beautiful clothes from organic cotton, 70-s inspired shirt booths en much more. It's very nice to take a little break from the music and just go wandering around and feel like you jumped back into to 70-s.

music festival Levitate

If you ever have the chance to go the Levitate Festival don't hesitate. You won't regret it. I have visited many festivals in Europe, but none had such a good vibe as the Levitate Music Festival. And even though both days completely sold out it never felt packed or overcrowded. Just bring a blanket or a little chair to sit on and watch all the beautiful people go by and enjoy some good music.

The next edition of Levitate Music and Arts Festival will be held in the summer of 2018. For more info click here.

With love and light,


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