Bohemian Obsession – Folk Town – The Ultimate Dress Every Boho Girl Should Own

Spell Designs dress Folk Town Spell Designs dress Folk Town

Spell Designs dress Folk Town Spell Designs dress Folk Town

Spell Designs dress Folk Town

Hi girls! A happy new day! Hope you had an amazing weekend! For this blog, I wanted to take you back to my ultimate dream collection. Like every boho girl, I have a favorite brand or dress in this case. One of those dresses that represent the perfect definition of boho chic and free-spirited all in one. That one dress that makes you stand out and embraces your inner hippie. For me, the perfect boho chic dress is the pink Spell Designs Folk Town dress.

The Folk Town collection was launched in February 2016 right around the time I got really active with my blog Ibizabohogirl and I instantly fell in love with the entire line. But maybe most of all with the pink midi dress from this stunning collection. It's just so feminine and flowy with that irresistible 70s vibe Spell Designs is so famous for. The pink mixed with the purple and the perfect flower print makes it the must-have dress for every boho girl!

Wild at heart and a head full of gypsy inspired dreams

This dress just oozes the free-spirited vibe and the print and the design are just top-notch. Unfortunately, I only was able to get my hands on the turquoise midi dress from the same collection as everything sold out so quickly! You will find a lot of fake copies if you start looking online though. Bad Chinese rip-offs of very bad quality. And not to forget these so-called boho stores that have the nerve to sell this dress as an original online. Don't be fooled, girls. These are just cheap copies and don't even get near the real thing.



For now, all I can do is hope Spell Designs will relaunch this fab Folk Town dress or even the entire collection. And if that's gonna happen I think I need to get a ticket to Byron Bay and sleep in front of the store like a real groupie!

What's your ultimate bohemian dress? Do you have that one special dress that makes your gypsy heart glow? Drop me a note and tell me!

With love and light,


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