Hibiscus Lane – The New Bohemian Collection by Spell

new bohemian collection by Spell new bohemian collection by Spell new bohemian collection by Spell new bohemian collection by Spell new bohemian collection by Spell new bohemian collection by Spell

Hibiscus Lane by Spell Designs


Stop the clock! The new bohemian collection by Spell just dropped!

The latest collection looks to Summer Holiday share memories of your youth for a postcard-worthy collection filled with playful splashes of color and unexpected nods to the 80s.  Take a walk (or perhaps, a ride on your old Malvern Star) down Hibiscus Lane 🌺


Hibiscus Lane was inspired by an Aussie summer, with notes of a tropical far north Queensland, or dreams of a family trip to Hawaii and the postcards you may have found in the souvenir store to mail home to your best friend.


Spell shot this campaign at a darling pink beach shack in a sleepy little town on the coast of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula: dusty roads lead to this beachfront shack (Love + Mutiny, a must-go if you are heading to South Aus!) where their muses recreated the Summer of Spelly’s youth in front of film photographer Emily Yates. The summer of best friends (it’s kind of reminding us of Now & Then, did you watch that film when you were young over and over too?!).

As always, Spell proudly likes to talk about the sustainability elements of our collection. 90% of styles from Hibiscus Lane contain preferred fibers and 75% of prints are digitally printed, a preferred method as it produces intricately and precisely detailed prints, uses less water, less energy, less ink, and has less risk of chemical runoff to the environment compared to conventional screen printing methods. Additionally, their swimwear crafted from only diverted 214.89 kgs of nylon waste from landfill and oceans.


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Spell Designs has warehouses in Australia and the U.S.A. Before you order always check for a retailer close to you to avoid import taxes. Check for all the Spell Designs stockists HERE


Let me know if you are a Spell lover too! Which collection is your fav?? This is mine 🙂


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