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The search for the best trending boho brands is over! Finding a good bohemian brand on the high street can be a little tricky. From time to time there are brands out there that will carry a gypsy and hippie-inspired collection, but these can be hard to find or they sell out super fast. Luckily there are some very good online brands out there that are completely dedicated to the boho style you so much adore. I've put together a list of bohemian stores and labels so you can pick up your boho clothes online!

Bohemian brands


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Time to meet the big brands

The following brands are well known and have earned their reputation in the boho world. You probably have seen their pictures all on Instagram and Facebook. The good thing is they all ship worldwide right to your closet.


Stone cold Fox

For the Love of Lemons

Arnhem Clothing



White Bohemian


Le Salty Label

Jen's Pirate Booty



Tree of Life


Spell Designs




the best boho brands

New boho brands you will love

The competition between brands can be tough and for newer brands, it's sometimes hard to get their place between the bigger labels. Luckily for us, there are some very good new ones out there. Keep your eyes on the following labels:

Tulle and Batiste (Bali) 

Carol Bohemian Style (Spain)

Bohemian brands from Europe you will love

Karma of Charme boots & clothes(Italy)

IbizaTrendy (Spain)

Aurobelle (Spain)

Fetiche Suance (Spain)

By Cheryve (Netherlands)



As with all online shopping, I strongly recommend shopping for your favorite brand with a stockist near you first. As much as we love the shop worldwide so does customs when they add an extra invoice to your favorite dress. To be on the safe side always check for shipping and customs fees.

I hope you liked my update on the best-trending boho brands! If you know another good brand I should know about drop me a note below.

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