Hi lovelies! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far! I often get the question where I shop for my bohemian jewelry. I've been collecting bohemian jewelry for more than 4 years now and I can never resist searching for new stores and brands. As I travel a lot I'm lucky enough to find the most beautiful stores all over the world, but there is also a much easier way! Etsy!

Bohemian Jewelry Etsy: necklace by Ritties Jewelry 

I find Etsy is always the place to be if you are looking for something unique, especially if you are looking for something special and unique for Christmas time. Most of the big chunky rings I wear come from Etsy and I always get super excited if I find a new brand on there.

Bohemian Jewelry by Ritties Jewelry & Minouc

And it's not just for bohemian jewelry I head over to Etsy. I also love those handmade candles or those delicious smelling organic soaps you can never have enough from. With Xmas only a few weeks away I like to beat the crowds and start ordering so I have my gifts ready way on time!

Scented Ylang Ylang candle | Rosie Botanical Natural Deodorant | Handmade Rassoul soap

Are you into vintage? Are you not afraid to wear something unique, but you simply don't have time to travel halfway around the world to find your beauties, simply start browsing for some bohemian jewelry on Etsy and get your beauties delivered to your home.

Isn't that just the perfect gift for you to give or to get yourself?

Muah! Yvon

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Big thank you to the Etsy team for partnering up with on this blog and giving me the freedom and creativity to create my own style


Bohemian jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is known for its remarkable designs, beautiful shapes, and amazing gemstones. Jewelry gives such a personal touch to your outfit, it just tells a piece of your story. The good thing about bohemian jewelry is that it's not limited to a specific season. You can wear your boho pieces all through the year and combine it with the best bohemian outfits available. Define your mood and select a suitable bohemian jewelry piece to it !

Bohemian jewelry on Etsy

Etsy is the place to be for many things. You can buy the most amazing accessories online and have it shipped right at your doorstep. For me, Etsy is the place to go to for exploring new bohemian jewelry available on the market. But also to get inspiration. It always amazes me how there is always someone out there who comes up with an awesome new design, beautiful color gemstone or knows how to combine design, color and shape to create a trendy piece of bohemian jewelry. My jewelry collection is growing and it never bores me to look for something new and exciting that represents my personality or mood. If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your outfit, check out the bohemian jewelry on Etsy to get inspired and boost your private collection.