The Best Boho Brands from Europe You NEED to Know about

Meet the best boho brands from Europe

After doing my last blog on the best bohemian brands from Down Under, I've been getting a lot of requests for a blog about only brands from European. And I completely understand why. Nothing can spoil your day more by getting your favorite dress from Australia or the U.S. with a big import tax fee attached to it. Luckily Europe has some very nice bohemian brands too. So without further ado here is the list of best boho brands from Europe! Enjoy!

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Best Bohemian Brands For Fashion

  • Aurobelle Ibiza: This hippie brand from the island finds its inspiration on the beaches of Goa and in the sunsets of Ibiza. Vibrant colors, feminine fabrics and an amazing bag collection as well. With three shops on the island, an online store and also via  Etsy, you shouldn't have trouble finding your perfect boho dress.
  • Emmaoclothing: Beautiful handmade crochet dresses to wear to the beach and parties. Remember Kourtney Kardashian wearing one when she was pregnant? But maybe Emmaoclothing is even more famous for her wedding dresses. You see boho brides all over the world in her designs. And even more important; with every purchase, you contribute to kids and families in Zimbabwe making this Swedish brand a brand with a heart
  • Ibizatrendy: Another great brand from the island of Ibiza. With a wide selection of boho dresses, gypsy skirts and much more you are sure to find something to satisfy your hippie's heart. And not to forget; very affordable too!
  • FreePeople: Although FreePeople is an American brand they recently added a European online store to their site. This makes us boho girls very happy. Now you can shop all your favorites directly from the right site without having to fear those huge import duties. Click here for the latest collection.

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Best Boho brands from Europe


  • Ibizamode: This Dutch online store holds the best of the European boho brands. From EmonkIbiza, MissJune and WorldfamilyIbiza to name a few. If some of these brands go above your budget, just check out their Sales page. Ibizamode has a good sale going on the whole year.
  • Fetiche Suances: Fetiche is another great online store you have to check. This Spanish brand does not only hold European brands but also great names like Mahiya and Spell Designs. Again if the prices scare you go straight to the sales page to look for a good bargain.
  • LoveForever: With love from Scandinavia. This Swedish hippie brand holds everything from romantic tunics, bold jewelry, and macrame bags. And all at very affordable prices. Don't forget to check out their boot collection as well! You will love it.


Best Boho brands from Europe


  • Odd Molly: This is another one of my favorites from Sweden. Odd Molly doesn't do fast fashion and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and focusses on sustainability. Their clothes are of high quality and are designed for the boho chic girl. Having problems finding the right boho style in winter? No need to worry anymore. Odd Molly has a perfect winter bohemian collection as well.
  • Asos: Another great brand for your online shopping is Asos from the U.K. They have beautiful bohemian brands like FreePeople, Reclaimed Vintage, Kiss the Sky, Love of Lemons and much more. And very important, no hassle with import fees.
  • Outdazl: If you are looking for gypsy-inspired beachwear or a more luxurious St. Tropez feeling this is the brand for you. Outdazl is located in the U.K. and they ship internationally.
  • LolaGuarch: One of my favorite small brands from Spain. Unique hand-painted bags and jacket and the most fabulous fringe gilets. Click for the entire collection of LolaGuarch here



The Best Boho brands For boots

  • Layerboots Fringe boots, Ibiza sandals and even sneakers with the best details! From Spain.
  • EmonkIbiza For the best hippie vibes from the island of Ibiza. Every boho girls dream. Ships worldwide.
  • Karma of Charme Oh la la! This family-owned company is one of the best new ones out there. Boho chic boots to love!
  • The Kindreds If you love kilim style Moroccan boots this is the store for you. Every boot is unique and they also hold a great winter collection.
  • Sabah Ibiza Visiting the hippie market of Las Dalias this shop simply can't be missed! Bohemian boot paradise!
Las Dalias Ibiza

Sabah Ibiza Boots


The Best Brands For bags

  • IndiaWakanda This Spanish designer makes to order to most outstanding hippie bags. Not for boring girls.
  • Aurobelle Ibiza Inspired by her travels to India and Ibiza her bag collection is a total dream! Ships worldwide.
  • WorldfamilyIbiza Every boho girl should own a WorldfamilyIbiza bag. They don't come cheap, but they will last you a lifetime.
  • FlordeVidaIbiza You can find her lovely store on the hippie market of Ibiza and she also has an Etsy shop!
  • Karma of Charme Two amazing shops in Ibiza and yes they also ship worldwide!

Best Boho brands from Europe

About Spell Designs

If you are a great fan of Spell Designs, you know the sadness when your favorite dress comes in with a big import tax. Besides their Byron Bay store, Spell Designs is only available through their Australian and American online website, which can be pretty frustrating if you want something from the latest collection.

Luckily they also have a few European online stores where you can order from ByCheryve (The Netherlands), Kyss by Johanna (Sweden), Woodybunch (Germany) and Fetiche Suances (Spain). You have to check per store for shipping costs, but you won't have any frustration with paying a high import tax afterward.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on the best boho brands from Europe! If you know about any other great brands I should know about, please let me know. This blog will be constantly updated and I love to be inspired.


With love & light,


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