Splendour In The Grass With Spell Designs

One of my favorites on my travel wishlist. The Splendour festival in Australia. This music festival is held every year in July in the North Byron Parklands. Where the rest of Europe is melting away in the summer sun, the Australians are in the mids of their winter. The perfect place to meet new friends and where the bohemian brands launch their new collection.

Splendour Festival


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Splendour Festival

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Splendour Festival

Splendour Festival Vibes

Haha, and maybe that's the main reason I want to visit the festival! I guess it's the same as with Coachella except that the vibe on Splendour is less commercial. All the pics for this blog are from Spell Designs launching there latest collection Jasmine, which will be available this week.

Splendour Festival


We might be moving from Amsterdam to  Singapore for a while next year. I guess it's just a little d-tour to Australia from there right? Did you visit the Splendour in the Grass festival already? Which one did you prefer more? Coachella or Splendour? Drop me a note and let me know. Love to get in touch.

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