About the 5 best Boho Bloggers!

Like all fashion bloggers, I have some bloggers out there I like to follow and admire deeply.  Girls that inspire me and whose style I adore. The following 5 boho bloggers have been a great inspiration for me (and still are!) and are definitely worth to follow!

Meg Legs

The beautiful Megan Williams is one of my all-time favorite Instagram girls. With her colorful pics and amazing smile, she is a great source of inspiration. Megan started blogging about 5 years ago just for fun and with a more than 470k followers, she is the one to watch. Especially now she just became the mum of a beautiful baby boy! Check out her blog Style'd Avenue here or follow her on Instagram. Wondering how I edit my pics? It's with the presets of Meg Legs 😉

best boho bloggers

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Audrie Storme 

This Californian beauty is one of my favorites. Between all the pretty pictures on Instagram, it's hard to find some girls that are truly real. And maybe that's why I admire Audrie so much. Her Instagram Stories are always super fun and I love her authenticity. With more than 124k followers and growing fast Audrie is the one to keep your eyes on.

best boho bloggers bohemian bloggers

The Salty Blonde

Another boho babe you need to know about! Beautiful blond surfer girl Halley Elefante is a Hawaiian based fashion style blogger originally from Manhattan. With her statement beach hair and surfer body, she rocks the North Shore of Hawaii. With over 530K followers this girl is a must follow! Get inspired by her pics on Instagram and Facebook best boho bloggers best boho bloggers


Yes that's me! A wanderlust bohemian hippie girl. Born and raised in the Netherlands and always traveling the world. I thought long and hard before adding myself to the list, but with being voted into the top bohemian bloggers for 3 years in a row it's about time 🙂 Follow Ibizabohogirl on the blog or on Instagram for more inspiration!

hippie chic look ibizabohogirl in paris


And last but not least my biggest inspiration. The gorgeous Helen from Australia. The amazing Gypsylovinlight. For me, Helen has been a true inspiration from the start of Ibizabohogirl. The way she combines her jewelry and flash tats is just amazing. Living on the beach with her 2 kids and beautiful husband she gives you the perfect gypsetstyle and boho chic look. I truly think that Gypsylovinlight has the most beautiful and most photographed hands around! She recently added her own jewelry shop to her blog where you can buy all her treasures. More on Gypsylovinlight here. best boho bloggers

Beautiful minds inspire others

Drop me a message and tell me who your favorite boho blogger is! I am always looking for new inspiration!

With love & light,

xoxo Yvon

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