Finally Spring is here! Boho Inspiration from FreePeople


Get into the spirit with FreePeople Oh Yes! Temperatures are on the rise and I can feel the energy flowing! It’s not that I dislike winter, but the short dark days are definitely not my favorite. For today’s look I’m finally able to show you my latest items from FreePeople without freezing my fingers off! The diamond embroidered top and the leather bag are from my latest trip to Boston. They have a beautiful FreePeople shop there in the Prudential shopping centre downtown. On the trip before I just couldn’t find anything to my liking, but this time…oh la la……

For the Girls who Get it! Bisjoux Rose Bohemian jewelry

Bisjoux Rose

About the look I finally had a day to bring you the blog post with the campaign we shot for Bisjoux Rose. I just love these pics showing you a different kind of jewelry. Normally you see me wearing big chunky jewelry, but wearing a bit more modern bohemian look was so nice for a change. Coming from a freezing cold Boston it’s feels so good to be able to do this shoot outside again. These pics were taken at golden hour just before the sun sets. The harsh light turns into this soft sweet glow and just makes to…

Essential Bohemian Books / The Best Books for the Modern Day Hippie

bohemian books

Boho books and more I have a thing for books! Although I can’t live without my Kindle anymore, nothing beats the feel and smell of a big, beautiful glossy book. Especially those big chunky bohemian inspirational books that feed my head with new ideas. I’ve made a list of my favorites from boho decor to wanderlust travel books that shouldn’t be missing on your coffee table. The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney I am a great admirer of this LA-based designer. Her Instagram pics are an absolute dream and this book is just as beautiful. The New Bohemians features about…

Where to go shopping on Ibiza? The 10 best places you need to see!

ibiza shops

Ibiza shops Ibiza is a dream when it comes to shopping! The best shops, endless hippie markets and a never-ending hippie vibe to make your bohemian heart go wild! It’s hard not to completely destroy your credit card when you go shopping on the island. But where do you find the best places to go? Here are my favorite shops on the island!   Hippie market Las Dalias This market must be on your to do list numero 1! Located in Sant Carles just 12 km from Ibiza city with plenty of parking space. This is probably the most visited…